vendredi 21 août 2015

My letter to humanity

Dearest Humanity,

I am so happy of this occasion to connect with you again.
In writing this time. 
Let me take the joyful opportunity to tell you how beautiful you are. 
Please, receive this in peace and let it fill your immense heart so that it illuminates your days and the nights to come. You are so exquisitely diverse, so deliciously surprising and in the same time so lavishly harmonious. Each time I take the time to think of you and contemplate the reality of yours, I am overwhelmed by your grace: Your colorful kimonos and saris, your boubous, skirts and blouses. The profound and joyful sounds of your songs, your strings,  flutes and drums. I observe, enthralled, the way you move, walk and stand still. I am captivated by your wondrous smiles, your veils, bracelets, ringlets, necklaces, your tresses, the light in your eyes and the kohl around them. Your wrinkles, cracks and scars. The courage and kindness of your women, the resilience and strength of your men and the way they care for each other. The joy of your children, running, playing and their eagerness to discover the world. I am impressed when you work, I love you so when you play music and dance. The way you fish, carve, build, heal and cook. The attention you pay to one another. Your patience and your silences, your joys and laughters, your pains and sadness. And your smooth conversations. Your praying and so skillful hands. Your smiles, your tears and the profoundness of your eyes. The lone travelers and the bypassing busy crowds in the streets.  The ones who give a hand and the ones who hold it. Your pupils and teachers, doctors, nurses, the elders and the sick. Your architects, painters and craftspeople. And all the young people, whether aged or not, who find so much pleasure in meeting, gathering, exploring, feeling and making love.
Let me tell you how in all what you are and do, you are such an exquisite wonder.

Dearest Humanity, I know that you are going through difficult times where hunger, thirst, pain, fear are around as much as the hatred, the fury, violence and injustice that your systems and creeds make to you. I know how the machines you have created can crush and even dominate you, how they can make you forget who you are and the beauty that is around. 
I see you look sometimes at yourself and wonder what comes next, when this will be over. I know and I suffer with you, for you. 
Be patient and let me tell you these times will pass, as all the others did. A new time is coming because you have grown so much, in size of course, but much more fully in wisdom and knowledge. Don’t let yourself be deceived by what is told of you, all the critics, blames and blows that are thrown at you. You are much more beautiful and wiser than all the prophets of doom pretend. 
A time is coming when you will harvest what you patiently, discreetly, constantly sowed: this magnificent ability of yours to pay attention to yourself and share love and compassion within yourself. This I can witness, day after day, second after second: how so many of you, outstanding ordinary people, see the misery around and try to alleviate it even if briefly or clumsily at times.
A time is coming of abundance and respect for all, a time when the few will be the ones in pain and sorrow while the many the ones in joy and gratefulness.

Dearest Humanity, hold on tight to your own splendor. I can tell you what a miracle you are in the whole universe, a total moment of grace and bliss. 
And if you doubt, if you don’t believe me, come to a rest for a while, look at yourself in silence and peace, see who you are and let the marvel of your reality illuminate you in a beaming smile of gratitude that reaches to the stars.

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